Rikshaw LTD

This   is   Rikshaw   Ltd.   Keeping   you   on   the   road.

Welcome to Rikshaw Ltd

Our first priority is to keep drivers on the road, and our quality service, fully mechanically maintained and presentable vehicles that fulfill all the requirements for a taxi. Our weekly payments make renting very easy.

We take care of all maintenance, servicing, licensing, road tax and taxi insurance, thereby removing the overheads of owning your own vehicle.

Even if you are a new taxi driver starting to drive taxi, or you are an owner but your car for any reason is not road worthy for a while, or have been involved in an accident? Or you simply don’t want to own a car and prefer one weekly payment to cover all costs - we are here to help!

What the driver needs to do is just fullfil all the requirements to rent it and fuel it to drive it away!

Want us to CALL YOU?

Please read BEFORE you contact us:

We currently only have vehicles that are licensed with Manchester City Council and Rosendale. If you are a badge holder of any other council, i.e. Trafford, Stockport, or any other Greater Manchester City Council, we are unable to assist you at the present time.

From Rikshaw:

  • Open Monday-Saturday
  • Breakdown recovery on ALL vehicles
  • Double Track available
  • Large fleet of New & used Vehicles
  • Affordable rates
  • Own Mechanic & Tyres
  • Manchester Based Company

98.6% of our clients would recommend our services to others. Find out what their imonials say:
"Their manager was easy to deal with and his help was really appreciated. The asistance and support we receive was excellent."  Jim
"The advice was given in a manner that the inexperienced client could easily understand."  Erric
"What I liked most about the service was the consistent high quality service, which was friendly and non-patronising."  M Qureshi