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Rikshaw Ltd - FAQ's

1. How is track calculated?
Track is charged over 6 days, with the seventh day free. In most cases, the car will remain in your possession for seven days. However, we reserve the right to request the vehicle for one day a week should it be required for repairs, maintenance or for its Taxi MOT. Also, if you lose one day because the car breaks down, this will count as your free day, and your full weekly track still applies. The track money will only be reduced if you are unable to work for more than one day.

2. When is track payable?
Track is payable on Monday of each week. Your first weeks track will be calculated depending on what day you hire the car, and will be payable on the next Monday. There is no grace period and regular late track payment will not be tolerated. If you fall behind with your track, we will seize the car.

3. Is there a deposit?
Yes, the deposit is £200 payable when you sign the contract. This will be returned upon return of the vehicle unless there is any outstanding balance or any damage to the vehicle.

4. What type of insurance do Rikshaw Ltd provide?
Depending on the age of the vehicle, insurance may be Comprehensive or Third Party only. There is a policy excess of £500 on both policies; this is dependent upon your driving experience, penalty points, and/or accident claim experience.

5. What if I have an accident?
If you are involved in an accident, whether your fault or not, you must inform us within 24 hours. Our insurance company have a ‘Late Claim Notification Clause’ on all our policies. This means that if an accident is not reported within 24 hours, you will be liable to pay an extra £500 on top of any excess that is charged.

6. What if anything else should happen to the vehicle?
Should the vehicle be lost, stolen, damaged, or burnt during the period that it is on track to you (including glass damage), you will be responsible for the first £500 of any repairs or loss (either partial or total loss) per incident. You will also be responsible for any recovery costs in addition to the £500.

7. What are my responsibilities?
It is your responsibility to check that your vehicle is roadworthy. This means checking tyres, water, oil, and lights regularly. If you are stopped for a spot check, and the car is suspended because of something you should have noted, you will be responsible for any fines/spot test fees that may arise. If the police and/or DVSA give you a prohibition notice, this means the vehicle has to go for a full MOT before it is allowed back on the road. You will be responsible for the cost of this MOT also.

If you have any issues with the car during normal office hours (including bulbs not working), you must bring the car to our office.

You do not need to replace bulbs at your own cost.

Basically, you hire, fuel, drive, and take care of the vehicle.

8. What about tyres?
We are only responsible for replacing faulty and/or bald tyres. We have links with two local tyre bays. We are not responsible for punctures or tyres that have been torn as a result of driving carelessly. If you have driven on a tyre that is flat and the tyre is beyond repair – this is your responsibility and you will have to pay a replacement tyre. Our tyre bays will advise us if you attempt to replace a tyre that should be paid for by you.

9. Do you have breakdown assistance?
All cars are covered by either the RAC or the AA breakdown assistance. This is only to be used if you suffer a genuine breakdown. You must not call the RAC if you have a flat tyre. If the car breaks down during normal hours, you must contact the Rikshaw Office first for advice. If you suffer a breakdown during the night, then call the RAC direct.

10. What if I receive any penalty charge notices or traffic offences?
You will be responsible for all road traffic offences, parking offences, bus lane offences, or congestion charge costs. We do not inform drivers if we receive letters relating to fines. We will simply complete the form with your details, and send it to the authorities. They will then contact you. We do not pay any fines for drivers.

11. Do you provide taxi base stickers?
We do not provide taxi base stickers. These are available from the Taxi test centre at a cost. You can only pay by credit/credit card for these stickers. If you decide to not use the original stickers, and you are stopped, we are not responsible.

12. What is the minimum term for rental?
The minimum rental term is 4 weeks, after which you must provide 7 days notice.

13. What is the returns policy?
If you wish to return the vehicle, you must give us 7 days notice. Vehicles can only be returned on a Monday. If you return the car on any other day, you will be charged for the whole week.

14. What are Rikshaw Ltd’s responsibilities?
Rikshaw Ltd will be responsible for ensuring the vehicle is maintained to an appropriate standard. We are also responsible for Taxi MOT and for providing a replacement vehicle should your vehicle breaks down. Remember, a replacement will only be provided if we cannot repair your vehicle on the same day (or within 24 hours). If a replacement vehicle is not available, then we will reduce the weekly track for that week at the appropriate rate.

Rikshaw Ltd will also be responsible for ensuring the vehicles are insured and properly taxed.